We often get asked the questions below, so hopefully anything you can think of is answered here!

Do you accept…?
Yes, we accept betting, casino, gambling, CBD, crypto etc -WE ACCEPT EVERYTHING OTHER THAN CONTENT RELATING TO GAMSTOP – but the content must be written in a way that is relevant to the site. For example, if it is a Premier League site, the content must be clearly Premier League themed – if it is Arsenal it must be clearly Arsenal themed etc.

What is the price for casino? What is the price for this? What is the price for that?
The stated prices are the same across all types of content – including link inserts.

Send me the prices in $?
If you check the sheet, you will see we state the prices for you in £, € and $.

Can I have a discount…?
For single posts, no – the price is not negotiable.
However, if two or more posts are included in the same order then yes, a discount structure can apply.
Typically it is;
5% off = 2 posts
10% = 3-5 posts
25% = 6-10 posts
35% = 11-15 posts
50% = 16 posts +

How many links can I have in an article?
You can have 1x client link and then authority and internal links to support that.

How long will the piece stay on the site for?
The article will remain on the site for the lifetime of the site or until we sell the site (after then, we cannot guarantee the content will remain)

Are the links do-follow?

Do you mark pieces as sponsored or guest?
No, they are all marked naturally.

Will the article go on the homepage?
Yes, on all sites other than totalfootballanalysis.com, footballbh.net, football-live-scores.com – on these sites, they will live just one click away from the homepage

Send me your sites…
They are above – but if you want to see all of our sites at list price go here.

Do you own these sites?
Yes, we own and operate all these sites – they all have unique IP addresses.

Send me an example
You can see examples on all the sites available.

Things to be aware of…
We will invoice you via PayPal, so we will need your company address, number, VAT- all the usual stuff. Payment is expected within 48 hours of the link going live unless agreed in advance.

⚽️ If we do not receive payment within the agreed timeframe, links will be removed
⚽️ Content needs to be relevant to the site it is being placed on – for example, if it is an Arsenal football site, the content needs to be Arsenal-themed and football relevant
⚽️ If the content is not completely relevant to the site in question, we cannot guarantee it will run on the homepage – all content will be at least one click away from the homepage
⚽️ If we can agree on these conditions then we will be delighted to work with you.