Ronnie Dog Media announce fastest selling magazine

January’s edition of the Ronnie Dog Media publication Total Football Analysis Magazine has been announced as the company’s fastest selling magazine to date.

Total Football Analysis Magazine is now considered to be a market leading digital magazine focusing on football/soccer tactical analysis, scout reports and coaching.

The website was launched in April 2018 and the first digital magazine went on sale in November that year.

The magazine is sold directly to the public as well as being sent, free of charge, to every single professional football club in the UK, USA and many others across the world.

The readership has doubled since the launch of the magazine in November and the introduction of a VIP mailing list for football professionals currently employed in coaching/analysis roles at a professional club level has meant many endorsements for the magazine from a high level.

Ronnie Dog Media founder Chris Darwen said,

“We’ve been blown away by the interest in the magazine in general, let alone in January. Considering this is only the 4th edition, to have this month as the fastest selling month is incredible and on top of that, to have the level of professional on our VIP list is staggering.”

Darwen continued,

“To have all bar two Premier League clubs requesting that their analysts and coaches are receiving the magazine monthly is testament to the great work our analysts, editors and design team put in. And for one of the world’s largest companies to commission us to do specific analysis for them is incredible.”

Total Football Analysis Magazine is available monthly here for just £4.99 a month or £50 for an annual subscription.